Our staff at SGS are professionals crosstrained in geology, geotechnical and materials engineering. In our offices state-of-the-art computer hardware and software help us stay committed to providing the highest quality services. Our Quality Assurance Program (QAP) ensures that our work is performed in a cost-effective, controlled manner that can be documented and defended. Browse through our extensive list of services below.

Geotechnical Engineering

The practice of geotechnical engineering is both an art and a science. The inherent complexity and variability of the subterranean environment requires a specialized expertise to ensure reliable results. SGS provides geotechnical engineering recommendations for a wide range of projects, from site reconnaissance and feasibility evaluation through project completion. We have performed investigations and provided recommendations for civil works and private development including: roadways, power generation facilities, schools, commercial buildings, water and wastewater facilities, and residential developments. SGS offers in-depth expertise in:

Westin-1• Geotechnical Feasibility
• Foundation Engineering
• Liquefaction Evaluation
• Slope Stability
• Dynamic Settlement Analysis
• Excavation and Fill Treatment
• Drainage and Seepage Treatment
• Soil and Rock Stabilization
• Excavation Dewatering
• Pavement Design
• Seismic Engineering/Design

Geologic Studies

Our staff typically renders an integral part of the geotechnical services. However, standalone services may also be provided where the geologic aspect is of singular interest or where that phase of a study is conducted in advance of the engineering analyses. These professionals conduct site reconnaissance, perform literature research, review aerial photography, supervise drilling/trenching operations, and log geologic profiles, all as needed, to generate a technically sound data base to evaluate areas of potential concern and/or provide information for geologic decision making. SGS offers in-depth expertise in:

Hillside Grading• Seismicity Studies
• Fault Investigations
• Landslide Investigations
• Economic Mineral Resource Exploration
• Rock Rippability Studies

Hydrogeologic and Environmental Engineering

SGS has been providing expert quality services in the field of Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering since 1995. A major portion of these services have focused on aquifer characterization, well design, reservoir abandonment and clean-up including:

Well Construction• Hydrogeologic Studies
• Percolation Testing
• Sewage Disposal System Design
• Well Design
• Well Construction Inspection
• Assessment of Site Contamination
• Groundwater Testing/Monitoring
• Chemical Analyses

Geologic Engineering and Forensic Services

SGS specializes in investigating and determining causative factors for distress to structures and improvements and providing answers to construction and building-related questions. What factors caused the distress? How extensive is the damage? How can it be repaired? We have conducted forensic analyses studies of distress and damage in order to identify and understand slope movement, earthquake effects, and fill settlement patterns. We maintain sophisticated instrumentation for distress monitoring and provide cost-effective design for distress remediation. SGS maintains a primary focus in the characterization of earth movement, including landslides and landslide potential, and soil creep distress. Our staff has collectively investigated earth movement cases throughout California. SGS maintains state-of-the art analysis tools and highly qualified personnel for evaluating slope stability of natural slopes, pre-existing landslides and embankments. These analyses include regional slope stability evaluations as well as two- and three-dimensional analyses of site-specific slopes. We have conducted stability studies for many private companies, public utilities, and government agencies. SGS offers in-depth expertise in:

• Landslides and Slope Failures
• Settlement and Soil Subsidence
• Expansive Soil Distress
• Earthquake Induced Distress
• Hydroconsolidation and Hydrocollapse
• Cracking
• Deterioration and Moisture Intrusion

Geologic Peer Review

SGS will perform peer review of geologic studies for new construction and will prepare hazard maps to be used by community planners and engineers in evaluating proposed land development projects. SGS also provides review services for public works projects such as roadway and slope repair. In addition SGS will act as a neutral or independent consultant in litigation cases, where the court-appointed settlement judge, special master or mediator must contend with a large number of opposing parties and experts. In this role, SGS performs detailed geotechnical investigations in order to determine the type and extent of damage and the likely contributing causes. SGS will design engineering solutions and provide construction cost estimates to repair the damage.


Field and laboratory testing of soils and construction materials often compliment each other. In a complete testing program, they work together to assure accurate and adequate knowledge of the materials used during design, construction, and evaluation of potential subsoil and problems. SGS maintains a fully equipped laboratory testing facility capable of performing tests in accordance with the appropriate test procedures such as ASTM, AASHTO, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ACI, Caltrans, and Uniform Building Code. Our laboratory is routinely assessed and certified by DSA, CCRL, and Caltrans and accredited by AASHTO. We also are current in our participation with the AMRL, CCRL, and Caltrans proficiency/reference sample programs. We employ qualified personnel and certified equipment to perform our testing services for soils, aggregates, concrete, bituminous products and masonry.  A copy of our current Fee Schedule is available upon written request.

Materials Testing and Inspection

The benefits of our construction related services to achieve successful project development far outweigh the cost of these services. Testing and observation services are an important part of quality assurance and quality control during site construction. Our field staff is crosstrained in soil, concrete, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing, and asphalt as well as laboratory services. This gives us the opportunity to assign staff to a project for its duration, which allows our projects greater flexibility and enhances the efficiency of our staff by reducing the need for multiple personnel. We have experienced professionals on staff to provide assistance in the interpretation of project specifications related to construction materials, and we routinely provide on-site solutions to construction material related problems. SGS performs monitoring and consulting services for most construction activities, with particular emphasis on the following:

Construction Inspection• Compaction Testing
• Concrete Testing
• Epoxy Anchors
• Field and Shop Welding Inspection
• Foundation Excavation
• Masonry Testing
• Post-Tension Inspection
• Soil Nail and Micropile
• Shoring Inspection
• Spray Applied Fireproofing
• Ultrasonic Testing